Our Philosophy

Grady Financial Network believes in listening to, educating, and involving our clients in the financial planning process. Our mission is to create an interactive plan of action to empower people in their efforts to accumulate wealth, leave a legacy, and enjoy life. Our clients are individuals, families, and business owners who are preparing for retirement and need financial advice as well as retirees with income concerns. We work hard to be a trusted source of knowledge committed to helping educate our clients to make smart decisions with their money, retire on their own terms, and to create a lasting legacy for their loved ones. 

For those transitioning into retirement, the financial focus shifts from saving to spending and income management. The advisors at Grady Financial Network provide the financial acumen needed to create a prudent income distribution plan incorporating our clients’ unique retirement goals, objectives, and preferences. We employ the latest financial technology, using a retirement income strategy which has been time tested with “real life” retirees. It is based on principles that utilize the popular bucket or time-segmented income approach, breaking down an overall investment strategy into five-year segments with progressive requirements and rate of return goals for each time period. The performance of each segment is tracked and compared to stated goals which can result in the reallocation of assets in an effort to reduce exposure to risk over a client’s lifetime. Our clients can enjoy retirement knowing that they have a dynamic strategy and a solid plan for their assets. 

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