Community Involvement

Innovia Foundation

Kevin is proud to serve the local community as part of the Investment Committee for this transformative organization. 

“We are a community foundation that connects donor generosity to our region’s most pressing causes. We collaborate with partners to drive transformation across Eastern Washington and North Idaho.”

Team Blaze


Team Blaze is a triathlon and multisport endurance community for athletes of all abilities in eastern Washington. In addition to sponsoring this group, Kevin serves as a member of the board. ​

Teen Challenge

“Pacific Northwest Adult and Teen Challenge operates ministry centers located in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. Today we have 12 locations offering services to men, women, and children with over 250 beds available in our residential programs. All of the centers in the Pacific Northwest operate as one corporate ministry team. Teen Challenge has been offering Faith-Based Recovery Services in the Northwest since 1983, starting with one men’s ministry center. Whether you are a concerned family member, ministry partner, or a prospective student you will find your information here.”

Grady Financial Network is proud to support many local and global programs. 

To learn more about any of the programs we support or how you can get involved, please email or

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